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ACT Proposes Joint U.S./Mexico/Canada Infrastructure Jobs Corridor Projects Smart Wall Border
Security/ Energy/ Water/ and Transnational Railroad

Synopsis: A laser perimeter “Smart Wall” border security system built by a multilateral initiative can create higher value than a border wall, and at lower cost, as part of an American Jobs Corridor/ infrastructure initiative that can stimulate the economies in North America sustainably, and contribute to the resolution of trade disputes, water issues, and other otherwise daunting problems. It is anticipated that such an approach will provide lasting value to all nations of North America.

1) “Dynamic Smart Wall” Jobs Corridors Border Security System Bundle
a. A laser perimeter system is proposed for border security using lasers and other sensors as part of an American Jobs Corridor/ infrastructure initiative that can actually resolve otherwise daunting problems in and among American Nations.
b. Answer to High Speed Rail (PRT control systems developed by Boeing for West Virginia University, and used for advanced rail based systems) connecting Ensenada, San Diego, Tijuana-San Felipe- Phoenix, El Paso, Houston.
c. Drone Assisted Border Patrol

2) Flood Control for Mississippi River Watershed

3) Replacing Water to Colorado River Delta/ Salton Sea, & New Mexico for
a. Agricultural development, and to
b. Re-establish wetlands for nature and recreation, and
c. Prevent further environmental degradation

4) Oil and gas extraction and transport

5) Regenerative Energy and Sustainable Jobs on Both Sides of the Border

6) Tourism/Port Development/Trade

7) With Magnesium based cements for offsetting /sequestering carbon.

Infrastructure Jobs Corridor Projects

Neither a virtual wall nor a physical wall alone can stop cross-border traffic.

A Public/Private Partnership is proposed involving the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Native American Nations for the development of jobs corridors with infrastructure for a sustainable economy. It is anticipated that such an approach will provide lasting value to American nations, with the Laser Perimeter Security System bundle being much more effective for border security than a physical wall because it can monitor not just the border itself, but also the area around the border, and thus can help stop traffic that comes through tunnels under the border.
It is proposed that a Jobs-Transit/Energy Corridor (J-TEC) Public/Private Partnerships build infrastructure projects by a DBOM process (design/build/operate/maintain) that can help mitigate this, with solar power farms connected by a transit system that can take border patrol agents to the location of an incursions, to allow workers to travel to and between solar farms, and to allow tourists to visit resorts along the way, including on the Sea of Cortes. Such infrastructure projects can include a laser perimeter security system virtual border wall, or other, similar technology along the Northern U.S. border with Mexico, and border structures as it may deem appropriate. The J-TEC Commission should also make recommendations, and enact projects, to demonstrate how to maintain a healthy economy and fully empowered citizenry in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Native Tribes in a post-industrial economy. *(Other Mexican cities can also be tied into the grid.

1) Jobs Corridor.

The J-TEC Public/Private Partnerships would create a Jobs-Transit/Energy Corridor, and infrastructure projects. Such cooperation with Mexico might include the use of land on the Mexican side of the border for a transit system along the border, and for dividing the costs, and profits, from the listed infrastructure projects:
In exchange for the use of land on the Mexican side, the U.S./J-TEC might fund and build flood control systems, together with canals and pipelines to deliver the floodwaters from the tributaries of the Mississippi, to be released as freshwater flow across the border into Mexico to the Laguna Salada, in the now dry delta of the Colorado River, to replace the remainder of the fresh water that the U.S. has taken from the flow that once sustained the ecology of the Colorado River Delta and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). It is believed that Canada can be enticed to cooperate, with pipes to the headwaters of the Colorado. In fact, if push came to shove, the U.S. might reasonably insist on ten times the quantity of water to be delivered for every barrel of oil in the Keystone Pipeline.

1) “Dynamic Smart Wall” Jobs Corridors Border Security System Bundle

a. Enhanced border security is proposed using lasers and other sensors as part of an American Jobs Corridor/ infrastructure initiative that can actually resolve otherwise daunting problems in and among American Nations.
Advanced technology acoustic, visual, and Laser Sensors that can see through a sandstorm and other devices coupled with pattern recognition software can improve border security far beyond the capabilities of a physical wall because it can monitor not just the border itself, but also the area around the border, and thus can help stop traffic that comes through tunnels under the border. (See Appendix A for links related to this.)

b. America’s Answer to High Speed Rail, Connecting Ensenada, San Diego, Tijuana-San Felipe- Phoenix, El Paso, Houston, to New Orleans using Personal Rapid Transit Software from the Public/Private Partnerships.
A J-TEC Commission could also enact projects, to construct “America’s Answer to High Speed Rail using ultra-light NASA technology (“Lighter, faster, cheaper, better”), and to demonstrate how to maintain a healthy economy and fully empowered citizenry in the United States and Mexico in a post-industrial economy. When a border security breech is sensed, border patrol can be brought to the site quickly, and effectively, to deal with the issue via flying cars backed by the express rail system. However, the transit system can also transport workers, and freight, and bring tourists to resorts along the Jobs Corridor.
c. Drone Assisted Border Patrol
Drone aircraft can cruise the border on an irregular schedule to augment the advanced technology acoustic, video, laser, and other sensors to complete the terrain modeling of the area around the border, with real time imagery compared to the model, and pattern recognition software used to analyze the differences. Imagery from the drones could be processed through optical recognition software

2) Flood Control for Mississippi River Watershed
Flood control projects along the Mississippi can also result in surplus water being brought West, where it is desperately needed, while mitigating damages locally. In many cases the water can be used to replenish depleted aquifers, and offset water contract re-assignments that might allow New Mexico to keep more of its own water by bringing in new water to Texas.

3) Replacing Water to Colorado River Delta/ Salton Sea, & New Mexico
One of the greatest ecological disasters in human history occurred by the destruction of the Colorado River wetlands ecology as a result of an engineering mistake that dumped most of the flow of the Colorado River into the Salton Sea in 1903. The flow from the Colorado caused the Salton Sea to grow so large that it extended into Mexico. The Salton Sea has since shrunk by evaporation, balanced by a fresh water flow that has now been curtailed, with toxic dust projected to cause billions of dollars in damages in the near future if not mitigated.
Water is needed to re-establish wetlands for nature and recreation; for agricultural development in what may be the richest agricultural land in the world, and for the resorts that can be built in partnerships with the local Native tribes along the border. A series of horse-trades of water might occur for mutual benefits, that should involve the local Native American Tribe stakeholders. Such trading could involve importing seawater to the Salton Sea, and use of evaporative ponds to make economic use of the salts in ways that can include carbon sequestration by the creation of magnesium and other specialty cements. The deal making might include brokering a deal with Canada to pipe water to the source of the Colorado River, so that that water can be delivered into Mexico via the Colorado River. This part of the negotiation should most properly be done in talks that allow Canada and Mexico to each express how they believe their separate interests should be met most optimally, however it should also take into account that Canadian interests are asking the United States, and Indian Tribes to bear the burden of the Keystone Pipeline, for example, something that Canada rejected for themselves.

4) Oil and Gas Extraction and Transport
Canadian interests are asking the United States and Indian Tribes to bear the burden of the Keystone Pipeline, something that Canada rejected for themselves. However as presented, this pipeline requires impinging on the rights of the Native American Tribes along the way. A fee should be extracted for the oil and gas that is transported, which fee could help pay for the costs of the other infrastructure. This part of the negotiation should most properly be done in talks that allow Canada and Mexico to each express how they believe their separate interests should be met most optimally related to water issues in particular.

5) Regenerative Energy and Sustainable Jobs on Both Sides of the Border
A Public/Private Partnership can be created to build infrastructure projects such as solar power farms and resorts by a DBOM process (Design/ Build/ Operate/ Maintain), allowing the involvement of small-to-mid-sized businesses, and to build solar farms along the route at a reasonable cost.

6) Tourism/Port Development/Trade
Resort villages can be built along the route in collaboration with the Native American Tribes to take advantage of the accessibility produced by the transit system, tied into the development of the Ports of San Felipe and Ensenada,

7) Economic Use of Salts, with Magnesium-based cements for balancing carbon sequestration
Salts that have built up in the Colorado River Delta, and which result from evaporative ponds and desalination can now be put to economic use, including for the production of magnesium based cements for balancing carbon sequestration.

$2.5 billion per Year Congressional Allocation PROPOSED, with Asset-Backed Jobs Coin E-Currency to Facilitate Jobs.

ACT II proposes that Congress make an appropriation of $2.5 billion per year for twenty years to enact a Jobs Coin E-Currency, for which ACT II would arrange $50 billion worth of precious metal ore concentrates at a rate of $5 billion per year that can finance the system, together with income from the solar power farms along the route, to build a Public/Private Partnership for in precious metals to additionally back the Jobs Coin, and allow the public sale of $3.5 billion more in yearly ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). The J-TEC Commission shall facilitate use of the E-Coin to build the smart wall, and aid in the transition of the U.S. economy from a consumption orientation to the sustainable services economy of this post-industrial, internet era.E

ADDENDUMS and additional Information not included here..!

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The Informative and Interactive News has it that Green Resource Homes Inc is initiating an infrastructure project to fill a void in housing as a result of the suppressed housing for new homes as a result of the Banking reserve requirements over the past years.

Historical information and current research is showing that a great growth period is about to take place with the implementation of transportation infrastructure changes which Real Estate Development is a natural to move people during the day to new outer areas and allow for freight movement at night.

Green Resource Homes Inc will team up with Developers and will exclusively work with Coldwell Banker in creating Green PODs in the United States.

Green Affordable Smart Homes will be from 900 sq ft to 2500 sq ft with basements. These homes are resistant to bugs and pests and are able to withstand tornados and hurricanes winds and can last a 1000 years. As a smart home they will fill all the needs of the designated age group of the next round of home owners.

Green Luxury Smart Homes will be homes priced above $500,000 that have everything the generation needs. These Green Luxury Smart Homes will have the appeal of all those whose career has lead them to be the owner.

Advantages of the Green Affordable Smart Home and the Green Luxury Smart Home goes beyond what is currently available on the market from clear air, clean water, alternative energy with storage with warmth and coolness one will want.

Details and types of homes are shown as of this point in time at Green Resource Homes Inc. Plans for the first Green PODs developments and the number of location around the USA will come with the collaboration with Developers and economic development agencies as well as in synch with the the transportation section.

Word is that the number is over 100,000 new homes with the Open Sector being the source of funds for Development.

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Monday, June 29th, 2015 | Author:

Rancho Cordova, CA, July 1, 2015 ( NEWSWIRE) – INFORMATIONAL INTERNATIONAL NEWS has received a report from Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc d.b.a. Green Resource Homes that it is announcing it has signed a collaboration agreement with GreenWheel Gardens Urban Farms, Inc. growers of ‘Simply Better Than Organic Produce’, that will launch three new Urban Grow Centers (UGCs). These new facilities will be the first UGCs being built across the nation and our companies efforts to bring simply better than organic produce to people across the nation. Starting with the GWG Demonstration Farm in Rancho Cordova, an incorporated city just outside of Sacramento CA, then building in Canton Ohio as a demonstration of humanitarian efforts and a third site as technology demonstration near the grounds of the NASA Glenn Research Center.

In 1975 NASA scientist worked at developing a rotary plant growth accelerating apparatus with the idea to increase plant yields and increase the plant yield. GreenWheel Gardens has now created a system that will take that concept and with their designs change the basic architecture of agriculture forever. Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator, Inc dba Green Resource Homes and GreenWheel Gardens Urban Farms are collaborating on a Humanitarian Project that will result in “Better than Organic” products that uses little water, is chemical and pesticide free and will provide simply better than organic produce year round food, all locally. With its first demonstration farms in California and Ohio, which will be used to demonstrate, record, and provide information, it will prove that starting with green leafy produce GWG will not only be profitable but become the Humanitarian Project destined to help feed the world in this time of environmental problems that include climate change, water issues, food quality and shortage.

Robert Foraker, CEO for the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc, a 30+ year old company states, ” GreenWheel Gardens is a perfect fit to show how NASA technologies has proven its worth to the world with its Research and Development for the Aerospace sector and now with GWG to use this knowledge for Urban Farming here on earth which may have been its destiny from the beginning”. He goes on to say that “I see this collaboration a winner from NASA, the United States, and all of Humanity.”

GreenWheel Gardens Urban Farms is a Nevada corporation is a controlled environment farm using proprietary agriculture based technology to grow pesticide and chemical free produce and creating urban grow centers across the nation sustainably, and profitably. The Company is also expanding its nationwide presence through its collaboration with Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator company.

Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator has been responsible for creating various infrastructure projects to solve problems and create opportunities including the XGEM project, GreenResourceHomes, LITO Technologies, 3D Holographic Medical Imaging, and more…

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 | Author:

AUGUSTA, Ga., March 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Holographic Optical Technologies of Augusta, Georgia, innovator in the field of holographic medical imaging, is entering the world of consumer electronics with the announcement of its Kickstarter campaign. Launching on April 20th, 2015, the campaign will introduce the company’s new Voxbox and Voxbox Pro. The 8-inch and 22-inch displays will allow consumers to view fully three dimensional holograms at home for the first time. In addition to the two displays, the company will also offer a hologram production service. Users can submit nearly any set of 3D data to be made into a Voxgram hologram, such as a set of CT scans obtained from a doctor, a user created 3D model, or a 3D character downloaded from the Internet.

Voxgram holograms differ from popular holograms in several significant ways. As opposed to the classic Pepper’s Ghost parlor trick, or stereoscopic images requiring special glasses, these holograms are not optical illusions – they are 3D sculptures of light that occupy physical space. Voxgram holograms project out towards the observer in front of the portable Voxbox screen, and viewers can reach into them to appreciate their physical depth and intuitively understand their information.

The picture-frame sized Voxbox viewer can be used to display holograms on a desk or mounted on a wall. The larger Voxbox Pro is a medical-grade display, and is used by physicians to view medical holograms. They are also ideal for use in architectural and engineering firms for viewing precise holographic representations of CAD diagrams and other professional grade models.

“Our glasses-free true 3D holograms engage the viewer and offer thrilling experiences for the consumer and better understanding of complex data for improved medical care. Through our Kickstarter campaign we’re excited to create a community to join our 3D world,” said Daniel Burman, Cofounder of Holographic Optical Technologies, in a recent interview.

This pioneering technology, developed from work by Voxel and Holorad, has already been put through its clinical paces. Earlier versions proved vital in several landmark surgeries, including the 2006 separation of 4-year-old conjoined twins in Utah. Newer versions have met with praise in the fields of neurosurgery and cardiology, two fields of medicine where accuracy is paramount. The company is working with surgeons at a leading medical university to develop new, exciting diagnostic methods and minimally invasive techniques for pediatric neurosurgery. Holographic Optical Technologies has been instrumental in the emergence of medical holography as a sub-discipline of diagnostic medicine.

Through its Kickstarter campaign, Holographic Optical Technologies seeks to raise funds not only to enter the consumer market, but also to help bring its technology into the medical mainstream. One of the campaign rewards allows users to donate medical holograms to children’s hospitals in order to get this life saving technology into the hands of those who need it most. There are also options for physicians to purchase Voxbox viewers and Voxgram holograms at a discounted rate in order to bring the technology into their practices.

Stephen Hart, the primary inventor of the technology, and co-founder of Holographic Optical Technologies, has built and operated five generations of holographic printers, the most recent of which is used for the production of all Voxgram images. He originated the system and software architectures of the company’s hologram printer and its hologram displays. Prior to his work in holography, Mr. Hart was an experimental astronomer at London’s Imperial College of Science and Technology. Mr. Hart was looking for a way to visualize vast amounts of information from astronomical telescopes, and this desire led him to investigate holography as a potential solution. He took an experimental astrophysicist’s approach rather than a classical holographer’s approach, and, in doing so, pioneered a realm of holography previously believed to be impossible. More recently, this technology was used to create a hologram of the NASA Kepler Mission data, producing the world’s largest transmission hologram, measuring six feet high, six feet wide, and projected to a depth of four feet, allowing entire families to walk into a hologram of interstellar space.

The future applications of this technology are limitless. From children’s toys to storefront-sized holographic advertisements, true 3D holograms will soon become a part of everyday life. For more information, visit the website For inquires, email

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Informative International News has received word that collaboration agreements signed by the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc have led to the forming of three new companies; Holographics Optical Technologies Inc, 3D Holographics Display Technologies Inc and 3D Holographics Medical Imaging Inc. These three companies have initial funding with a second tier funding within 60 days.

All three companies are involved with the patented technology in Holograms. Holograms that can appear in mid air as small objects or as big as a skyscraper. A NEXGEN type of technology.

In the medical arena it allows for the most accurate way of showing the brain or heart or any part of the body as a 3D Hologram standing out 8 to 10 inches from its viewer. 3D is the best way to view the body for a medical procedure or operation to be performed.

As a 3D Display the consumers will see a new way of displaying products by creating a WOW factor as small as 2″ high or wide to a full size person looking you in the eye, moving and talking as if right out of a futuristic movie. I guess it is time that the next tier of technology does make it to commercialization.

Stay tuned for an update as we have more information coming on this soon.

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Monday, May 12th, 2014 | Author:

Informational International News has received the latest news release in what we reported earlier that this was a big event. Following is the information we received that reflects the project and its potential success.

NASA Launches LITO Technologies Perimeter Monitoring System

For immediate Release May 12, 2014


A collaboration of LITO Technologies, Inc. and NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, has resulted in the launch of new technology which will revolutionize security monitoring systems. Furthermore, this type of collaboration could prove to be a new model to help publicly funded technology make the transition to privately funded commercialization.

The product of NASA’s SBIR Grants, the LITO (Laser Imaging Through Obscurants) system, from LITO Technologies, Inc., allows monitoring and sensing in visually obscured weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, hail and smoke, sand, and dust. It was designed initially to be an onboard sensor for aircraft landing, but the uses for perimeter screening in top security usage became immediately evident.

LITO allows for continual monitoring of a location or multiple locations regardless of how bad weather scenarios may get.

Last month, the LITO Omnivid-1 security system was installed at NASA Glenn for perimeter protection and will also provide a demonstration for other government agencies that may have similar perimeter security requirements.

Because the LITO system can also see through obscurants such as sand, dust, and even fire, the LITO technology will soon cover many sectors including aircraft imaging, border security, firefighting, search and rescue, and potentially even asteroid mapping.

The entire project is an example of the public and private sectors partnering with the input of advanced-thinking entrepreneurs and scientists like LITO’s Robert Foraker, Jared Sullivan, and Dr. Richard Billmers who are working in cooperation with NASA technology projects to create and commercialize advanced technical solutions effectively.

Dr. Richard Billmers, also of RL Associates of Yardley, Pennsylvania, had developed elements of the LITO systems for onboard aircraft sensors, under NASA SBIR Aviation Grants in conjunction with NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton Virginia. Successful demonstrations on the ground and in-flight have resulted in a commercialization strategy that begins with perimeter security applications. The commercialization path will lead to smaller more compact LITO systems that will eventually be used in aircraft to visualize runway scenarios in inclement weather as a part of the Next Generation of Air Flight program.

Billmers was invited by NASA to present his LITO system at their 2012 Technology Days event in Cleveland Ohio. The event was to showcase technology and companies in an effort to stimulated new start ups, and economic growth for the area. The effort seems to have worked.

Robert Foraker, a Private Merchant Banker from Canton, Ohio, and 10 year recipient of NASA agreements, was impressed with the LITO system, when he saw it at the Technology Days event, and authored a collaboration agreement with RL Associates to bring the LITO system to ground based use at NASA Glenn. Foraker fielded the private funding required for the project from a progressive management company called The Woodhaven Group, out of Augusta, Georgia, managed by Jared Sullivan, with whom Foraker had previously worked through his ACT International Incubator.

The entire LITO/NASA collaboration process began and came together in just 51 weeks from the Technology Days event, in 2012, culminating in a Space Act Agreement between NASA’s Glenn Research Center, and LITO in 2013.

This collaboration was made in an effort to get advanced technology commercialized for public use, and help streamline the way the public sector and private sector work together to move technology forward as a whole. Hopefully, this will be just the first of many collaborations between NASA and the private sector to help technological entrepreneurs, by showcasing the technology and moving it to market quickly.

Send inquiries to

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Sunday, April 13th, 2014 | Author:

Informational International News has it that two consortium’s have signed a Master Collaboration Agreement for Research, Development and Implementation for new above the ground Air Trams for moving people freely to various end points using existing rail, new highway developments or the modernization of existing roadways. The collaboration will allow the American 3Cs program to work (Companies or Countries Collaborating for Commerce). This program creates jobs, economic growth, real estate development, tourism and allows for the next generation of technologies to be implemented.

This bit of news, if true, will result in modernization of America and create economic growth in areas waiting for this program to materialize and fortunate to have this potential opportunity. The word is that it will be a coast to coast event both in the north and in the south with initial work being done in Northeast Ohio because of manufacturing availability and to prove the various models and technologies benefits.

It is reported that Hammond Aqualife and Transplaza are part of this Master Collaboration Agreement represented by multiple countries and companies with the Associated Countries in Technologies International Incubator d.b.a. XGEM, Inc. as the Collaborator.

Hammond Aqualife is known for its world famous Aquariums integrated with a water park. The special Dome standing over 85 feet high and its planned special LED lighting will show like a beacon in the universe. This is the first of its kind for the Western Hemisphere. The first one planned in America is to be in Ohio. Additional states are requesting this type of Aquarium and Water Park along with the Air Tram to be built in their state for economic growth and modernization of its transportation infrastructures for increased tourism.

Transplaza with its world class designs and patented technologies and expertise will allow for its Air Tram that they call AeroTram to use existing rail as well as new above the ground structures for middle or sides of highways making implementation easier and estimated, allegedly, at a cost of one eight of what it normally would be conventionally.

The Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator will be using financial models that will result in debt free companies with private capital and various guarantees. The Associated Countries in Technology will be utilizing various existing collaboration agreements to assure capital and business plans are followed. The Woodhaven Group of Augusta GA will be structuring the transactions that will deal with the land assets and the capital from the investors.

Three locations have been heard to be picked for both the Aquarium and AeroTram to be built. The Ohio site has one site to be announced and several other end points for the AeroTram that will involve all of Northeast Ohio (NEO). A Collaboration agreement is planned for 18 counties and there Chamber of Commences in NEO to get behind these projects and its technologies for delivery to Ohio and other states. This will be the first of its kind that will cause a whole section of a state to move together for its economic growth with the private sector. Regional Agencies of the government will also be asked to participate with their own collaboration agreement.

Exciting times are ahead. Stay tuned to this site for more news as it is coming fast.


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Famous quote “You are only worth tomorrow what you owe today”.  Remember when, if you purchased your home you could count on it being worth more than you paid for it. It was your retirement safety net. This makes a lot of sense. This was true until we had the financial crisis but it still is the truth. If it doesn’t work this way then there is something causing the problem. Do you know what that is..? Remember America created a lot of debt and it propelled America to be the world leader and helped other countries prosper as well.

Increasing the debt to $20 trillion dollars or eliminating it all together will act as a springboard for the US as well as for the global economy. After all, if you have a mountain of Gold or Titanium or other precious metals you need to securitize it by writing certificates and then putting them safely in a vault. Once you do that you need to sell the coupons or notes and retire old debt. What is the problem. Just don’t spend it by filling individuals pockets. Congress has to be accountable with penalties if out of ethics.

If no one buys your Notes /coupons, you turn within and that is not what you want to happen. Eastern Europe went thru this for 60 years. If I am a country like China that holds a lot of US assets in the form of currency and notes, how would I invest this.  Buy Gold or US Notes /coupons? My bet would be to buy more US Notes /Coupons with the currency from products shipped to the US and do it all over again. After all the debt is securitized and backed by the US Government.

Going over the cliff is jargon created by the media that creates fear. Fear is what suppresses people to be lead in a downhill slide. Yes.. not renewing the taxes reductions imposed by Bush will strengthen his legacy as a strong President. Allegedly, not renewing these tax cuts will cause more discomfort with the US Citizens and eroding of the middle class and show weakness of the current administration for both serving parties. None of this negative will happen. America will make adjustments and come out stronger and benefiting America citizens as demanded by the people.

The truth of it all is that it is already determined what the answers are and the destiny to unfold that is very positive as it is written. Pressure will be put on all representatives of the US Government to retire tax laws by replacing them with a more simple laws. Representatives will work together more than ever before for the American people or be removed from serving the American people.

It political goals that are destroying the America’s backbone. The people need to vote for the right people and not re-elect those that hold back growth and wealth for all American people.

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NEWS FLASH! Attention is being turned to the changeover of the internet where you get paid to use it and its FREE.
Green Resource Homes is recommending what should be the next big thing for the masses of Internet users that might be getting bored. It is all about sharing the wealth and the change taking place for the Internet. Whether you are using any of the standard browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and others) or you are just using Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or more, you will want to take a look at Green Smart Media and get paid to use the internet. It is Free and the only requirement is that you must give it away Free to others to benefit as well. Amazing..! Simply amazing…!
Whether you need streamline videos, movies, entertainment, My University, private email to desktops, open hand technical support and more, Green Smart Media will provide you more with daily prizes, content, security and speed. With the target date within hours for being supported totally on IPhones and IPads, the vast Internet user world will have something new and exciting. Now is the time our GreenResourceHomes Strategic Alliances should take to use this product to brand their products and services and take the next step to be in position for what is the NEW era for the Internet.
As you click you earn, use it for FREE participating in the cash flow from Ads or sharing in the wealth as a life time member with up to 14 different cash flow streams of income. A fantastic benefit of Green Smart Media is you can give it away FREE to your friends and family to benefit. There is more and it is suggested that you view the information, register to win an IPhone, IPad, XBox or PlayStation and get paid to use the internet. This is new and it is real..! You can be part of the next wave of technologies for the Internet and get paid for using it.
Click here to Green Smart Media. Hear what Bob says is your Game Changer whether you are a non-profit or for profit company you now have something NEW.. and it pays!

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Preparations for creating thousand of jobs is now underway just by using your own branding social network. You can get a head start at home or at work before everyone is aware of this major changes to the Internet and you hear it from someone else. The large national marketing company assigned to creating the ADS for the new jobs offered by the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator will be test marketing various parts of the job creation ADS in various areas. If you would like to be one of the test areas, please reply to

The jobs are related to the Internet to where everyone that is a Free Member for life will get paid. The International Incubator will sponsor individuals to be paid representatives in order to receive up to 7 income streams with the right to update to 16 income streams. Income comes from advertising with up to 75% of the advertising revenue being disbursed to its Free Members and its paid representatives in the form of Smart Points, prizes and cash. If one is not working or not making enough money then this program is for you. It is all about giving this away for Free and to grow the economy by adding the right resources. Economies grow when Small Businesses advertise with their branded products and services at a fair price.

You can see a sample of what this is all about by going to and get your FREE Membership first and then decide what is best for you. There is nothing like it on the Internet today. Come back for more news or where the first jobs will be created if not from your own home.

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When you go to this founding member and sign up for FREE just as you would Facebook or Google or others sites, you can then give your own branding social network away for FREE just like what is being done here to all of your friends and associates. When someone wins a prize of $250 cash or an IPad, laptop or other prizes on the games, if you gave your to them, you will win a matching amount or prize plus Smart Points for giving it away in the first place. You can give it to as many as you family and friends you want. See what everybody is talking about and acting to give it away for fund raising and personal family growth. There is nothing like it. Try it for FREE.

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Wednesday, April 03rd, 2013 | Author:

April 3, 2013: LITO Technologies Inc. of  Canton, OH in conjunction with RL Associates Inc. (Yardley, PA) and XGEM Inc. (Canton, OH), have successfully tested a prototype device to allow users to image scenes clearly through most types of environmental obscurants including Fog, Snow, Haze, Rain and Hail.  The device, known as the LITO Pod system, also enables firefighters and other first responders to see through fire, smoke, and other fire scene conditions such as water spray and haze.  The initial prototype has been funded through Small Business Innovative Research Grants from NASA and the US Navy.  Visibility testing through environmental obscurants was conducted at the Army’s Precision Armaments Laboratory in northern NJ.   Additional testing for visibility through fire and smoke was conducted at Londonderry Greenhouses in Cochranville, PA. and at the West Chester Fire Training Center in West Chester, PA.  The results are a set of video clips that show the LITO Pod systems capability to clearly image through all of these types of degraded visual environments.  Images from those videos are shown below. The simultaneous frames in both sets of pictures show an image clearly visible through the fog and behind the fire when seen with the LITO device.   The LITO Pod system is an actively illuminated eye safe Short Wave IR imaging system that is currently being developed for perimeter security applications.   An initial installation in Northeast Ohio is currently under negotiation and could take place as early as this spring.  The purpose of this system is to detect and characterize intrusions at a specific perimeter and alert the proper authorities.

Recently, CNN reported the largest ever Diamond Heist at the Brussels airport.  Intruders entered the airport perimeter by cutting through chain link fences and driving two vehicles through the opening, held-up the airplane at gunpoint, stole $50 millions in diamonds from the hold and then left through the same entry point without being detected. There have also been several recent reports of terrorists who are trained to stay behind fire or in smoke to avoid being detected by drone aircraft or other types of surveillance systems.

Dr.  Richard Billmers, Chief Technology Officer of RL Associates believes that the Brussels Airport heist may have been avoided using the LITO Technologies Inc. Laser Pod Perimeter Security System.  “Authorities would have known the perimeter was being compromised.   Using the invisible laser camera system, pictures would have been taken and image recognition would have been performed.  The results would have triggered an alarm at a central control station and the image results would have been reported to first responders within seconds.” Dr. Billmers also believes that: “The capability of the Laser Pod System (LITO) to image thru smoke, fire and any degraded weather conditions is of great use for airports, borders, fields, pipelines, waterways, towers, railways and other strategic high risk locations.”

Mr. Robert Foraker, a Private Merchant Banker and Collaborator for Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator see the advantages of the Laser system for economic growth and added value products made here in America. Foraker’s efforts related to the introduction of this Laser Pod Perimeter Security System by placing it in an Ohio Airport or an XGEM Scientific or Technology Park where other LITO and XGEM technologies will be commercialized to provide solutions and a stimulus for the economies. He reports that it is planned to produce LITO Security Kits for ease of implementation and installation as the product expands in demand.

The Laser Pod Perimeter Security Systems are offered under a maintenance and service agreement for ease of decision making and affordability with special and flexible terms.  Each installation has the ability to be integrated with security systems installed and/or customized to meet the physical changes and perimeter dimensions for the LITO Pod to operate at a distance through degrading weather condition.

If you would like more information on this topic please contact LITO Technologies, Inc by emailing to


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Thursday, October 04th, 2012 | Author:

The Private Sector “Hybrid GREEN” Infrastructure projects will lead to creation of needed new jobs for America. It is estimated jobs are to be created without government financial assistance or tax payers money. Assistance from Government will come from normal tax credits for new jobs, job training programs and Stimulus funds for Small Businesses. Jobs will be in the Energy, Automobile, Transportation, Manufacturing and Residential/Commercial sectors.

Estimated jobs are as follows:

GreenSmartMedia jobs 1,000,000 with FREE Lifetime Memberships by 2013

Independent Energy Source System 50,000 jobs by 2013

Micro-Generators/Electricial Devices 90,000 jobs by 2014

Retrofitting and Assembly 45,000 jobs by 2014 ( WWW.XGEM.NET )

Environmental Vehicles 43,000 jobs by 2014

Small Business (Installations/Distribution) 97,000 jobs by 2014

Hybrid Trains / Trams 100,000 jobs by 2015

As it is important to have funding in place first before starting an infrastructure project to insure the project can go the distance, it is important that new 21st Century Technology called the “X-Factor” works to its fullest potential and allows commercialization to meet its expectations without intervention. Many strategic alliances such as Universities using its students and new small businesses will be asked to assist in the infrastructure project for the changeover and relocation of the various industry sectors as implementation of a new acceptable Energy Policy unfolds in America in 2013 – 2014.

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 | Author:

Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator formerly the I&IGroup is activiting it status to assist in times of needs. The International Incubator has been a DealMaker since the middle Eighties with its involment in technology, banking and added value products and services.

Projects and technologies that otherwise would be financed in good times were put on hold due to the economical uncertainty. How these financial concerns were to be handled or controlled for current conditions to exist were unknown and not to the liking of the Private Financial Sector.

Democracy is the will of the people and to see it renamed what suppressed the people of Eastern Europe for 60 plus years must have a strong energy opposition by individuals to ensure Freedom and opportunity for all individuals. A lot of mistakes have been made from supported agendas with no visions for people to survive and prosper with only exceptions. Sharing the wealth in downsiding industries and economies and with the introduction of Social technology would have been playing the trump card. It is not too late for this to happen as you can read in several places on this site referencing Smart Media Technologies.

If one was to waive a magic wand perhaps a solution would be to have a Dealmaker put together all the political parties supported by the people that favor a Compromise Political Party that could give us an economy science to deal with the nature, production, distribution and consumption of wealth and protect our Freedoms and Constitutions. If you were to run under this ticket, your promise to the people would be to make it work on what is best for the people not for the party. Political Parties are like businesses they are cold. People are warm and make the difference.

John Galt had the answers with his Energy technology but chose to stay on the sidelines rather than have it be regulated or controlled what was his God given event. We need the John Galts of the world but with vision on how all would benefit not just a few. We see this in technology and with patented products and ideas today.

Welcome the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator for it to achieve a faction of its contributions by assisting the Entrepreneurs of the world see their visions be reality. As quoted, “There is no such thing as failure, only a lack of courage or believe to go the distance”.

You can contact the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator at


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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 | Author:
The Green POD Energy Reduction model may become contagious for Communities across the United States. The Green POD model is designed to provide many benefits to homeowners, small businesses, local and state govenments and utility companies. Government Budgets in Energy Programs having been reduced, new jobs for the unemployed or displaced adults are not abundant and preparation for military personnel returning home are just some of the reasons the Green Pod model is needed now..! Creating new jobs, reducing energy usage and working as a stimulus for the community and the states is now in place.
Each Green POD community creates between 30 and 300 jobs. Each community needs an Entrepreneur to implement the Green POD and its vision. The Entrepreneur will work with the homeowners and business owners and the local community government to assure the vision and jobs are obtained.
Special Grants from Government and Foundations are needed to help the low income individuals benefit from the reduction of energy at the same time establish cash flows that will carry into the next decade. More news on the Green POD and the implementation with the first Green POD community will be shared in time when the jobs are created and the energy reduction devices are in place. Attitude will be important in the success of the Green POD program.
Expectations for implementation of this infrastructure energy project is late 2012 in order to not make it a political issue.
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Monday, August 08th, 2011 | Author:

Corporations and News Media that make profits from rating others as to whether you are worthy or not has raised its head and spit out fire. Perhaps this is a time to put these agencies, organizations and corporations back to where the fire eating dragons rest today. It shows that the control of any country is held by individuals that have leadership of the flow of money and plans for its relocation of wealth. Whether it is re-naming Communism to Demoncracy or setting up a Back to Green movement for Global Warming, America is feeling the heat and must take a strong position to continue to do what is right for the American people as well as for the rest of the world that receives the benefits of its fruits of Freedom.

As one who has met the leaders of the world, Freedom is most important to the world. You never want to let it go once you have tasted it.  How to suppress an individual or a country is the same .. CONTROL. Put lots of control on people or a country and they will heel and you can walk them anywhere. Give them a bad credit rating and they are yours. How can you stop this..? You can’t..! But what can be done is to set up an entirely new structure that goes right at the heart of the Credit Rating Corporations.

Remove the Credit Rating system for individuals, companies and countries and you will see where loans, projects and programs will stand on their own. The system original worthy purpose is now in the hands of those that will destroy the American economy and put it in chaos. One individual made the decision to lower a countries credit rating…now that is POWER. In Eastern Europe during the breakup of communism country note ratings were very low and control was put into countries in order to receive monies from the world banks and to get a better rating for their notes. This worked and they now can play on a even platform with the rest of the world. When you downgrade these ratings you can take them right back to being suppressed. No one should have that right for a free country and its people. America selected to play in the game and when you do, you play all the roles at one time or the other. Stop playing the game and look at the whole picture. Don’t play in the game..! Create a NEW Game. Stay turned….!

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 | Author:

Helping You Succeed ( may be the Next Big Thing for the Self Help industry.

This NEW Self Help internet service using new Cloud technology was first announced here on web site (see older post). Now the NEW Self Help Helping U Succeed internet service is officially live as of April 26th, 2011 for the world to see and try in the privacy of their home. Everyone can benefit from what it can do for you with its results. Results are expected to remove or reformat negative attitudes and replace the void with positive attitudes at the same time measure your attitude change until you reach 100% using the Graph Measuring Device (GMD) and the Response Chart.

With the Life Time Memberships options available, you can pick and choose the products and topics that fit your needs and/or receive all the products and have the products available to you in your Self Help internet library 24/7 for life. What I like is that you can try out a Life Time Membership with your choice of product and/or topic and then add additional products / topics to your library if you want. If you feel a little negative, whether it be with finances, health, family relationships or happiness you can remove or reformat those thoughts that are rooted in your sub-conscious mind. If you want to strengthen your belief or attitude do the process again and compare it to your graph history. This is really neat.

Helping You Succeed ( is not yet ready for Dr. Oz but as the testimonials come in and accumulate, the expectations are that this may be the Next Big Thing for the Internet and the Self Help Industry.

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Monday, October 04th, 2010 | Author:

After the breakup of Communism in the early 90’s, East West American Foundation had known that individuals suppressed for many years would need attitude adjustments to improve self-esteem and develop entrepreneurship with displaced youths and adults. To deliver “adequate” therapy to those needing it would require hundreds of thousands of trained therapists. The impact on the medical community resulted in spiraling increases in medical costs and years of exhausting efforts to improve individual attitudes, difficult to achieve, if impossible, not only in Eastern Europe but the World.

Introduction of the International Incubator “GREEN” Era Infrastructure projects are now allowing proven solutions not yet commercialized to be released in the 21st Century that will help companies and individuals in the changeover and modernization of the medical, transportation and various sectors.

The “First” Self Educated Attitude Training Sessions (SEATS) produced excitement and immediate results in releasing underlying attitudes of the individual’s basic mindset, including self-image and world views). The purpose of the sample SEATS was to show the ability to remove individuals negative or counterproductive attitudes, measure it and reformat it with positives, both quickly and appropriately. This was and is accomplished with amazement to all that have used the online internet SEATS program programmed by XGEM Technologies.

OPERATION XGEM, an infrastructure project for Hybrid Electric Vehicles and independent energy source has selected the process and has asked its facilities manager, SACS Consulting to include the SEATS program for potential employees. Expected results of everyone completing SEATS is to enable each individual to perform their job without the self belief “stops” that have been replaced with “go” positives. This will be known as the XGEM Experience.

It has taken 60 plus years to develop this technology that now puts the solutions at your fingertips that normally could take 2 to 7 years of intense one on one therapy. By eliminating stress by removing negative attitudes, counter-productivity and replacing it with positives opens up opportunities for corporations, employees, military personal when returning home, displaced youths and adults, and prisoners in need of a second chance. In addition, employment agencies, sales organizations and all others will benefit using this proven method.

This product may represents an opportunity for the Medical Insurance Industry to see how SEATS and its Internet delivery direct to individuals in the privacy of their home or the field. The completion of SEATS various products would help reduce medical insurance premiums based on the fact over 50% of all the illness that doctors see is emotionally induced illness…! It may be as important as a physical..! The Medical community endorsement most likely will come from the universities or individual medical experts willing to work with the future..

More can be said of this 21st Century event in the coming weeks as it all part of the infrastructure project and is being launch by the Marketing company worldwide. You can return here for more information or look to the NEWS headlines soon.

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Thursday, September 18th, 2008 | Author:

Green Resource Homes Financial Trust (GRHFT) has secured international EuroBonds allocated for Real Estate and Securities in the United States while the Global Financial crisis continues. Eurobonds from A.C.E. are to be cleared and cashed for the first transfer of funds designated for deposit in US Banks and Brokerage Firms. Rates and terms have not been announced by the private sector for the financial transactions.

Trust Funds are earmarked for several infrastructure projects in North America. Commercial buildings will be purchased and leased back to companies participating in the infrastructure projects. Residential Real Estate with high energy expense will be purchased for new independent energy systems under a “GREEN POD” program. Clean Air Credits are to be securitized, warranted and sold in the global market.

Green Resource Homes is to service and manage the properties for the Trust.

Green Resource Homes Financial Trust is presently active in obtaining assets from Banks, individuals and companies that fit into its Business Plans and its activities. Interested parties may contact the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator by emailing to for information.

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