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Helping You Succeed (www.HelpingUSucceed.com) may be the Next Big Thing for the Self Help industry.

This NEW Self Help internet service using new Cloud technology was first announced here on GreenResourceHomes.com web site (see older post). Now the NEW Self Help Helping U Succeed internet service is officially live as of April 26th, 2011 for the world to see and try in the privacy of their home. Everyone can benefit from what it can do for you with its results. Results are expected to remove or reformat negative attitudes and replace the void with positive attitudes at the same time measure your attitude change until you reach 100% using the Graph Measuring Device (GMD) and the Response Chart.

With the Life Time Memberships options available, you can pick and choose the products and topics that fit your needs and/or receive all the products and have the products available to you in your Self Help internet library 24/7 for life. What I like is that you can try out a Life Time Membership with your choice of product and/or topic and then add additional products / topics to your library if you want. If you feel a little negative, whether it be with finances, health, family relationships or happiness you can remove or reformat those thoughts that are rooted in your sub-conscious mind. If you want to strengthen your belief or attitude do the process again and compare it to your graph history. This is really neat.

Helping You Succeed (www.HelpingUSucceed.com) is not yet ready for Dr. Oz but as the testimonials come in and accumulate, the expectations are that this may be the Next Big Thing for the Internet and the Self Help Industry.

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