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The Green POD Energy Reduction model may become contagious for Communities across the United States. The Green POD model is designed to provide many benefits to homeowners, small businesses, local and state govenments and utility companies. Government Budgets in Energy Programs having been reduced, new jobs for the unemployed or displaced adults are not abundant and preparation for military personnel returning home are just some of the reasons the Green Pod model is needed now..! Creating new jobs, reducing energy usage and working as a stimulus for the community and the states is now in place.
Each Green POD community creates between 30 and 300 jobs. Each community needs an Entrepreneur to implement the Green POD and its vision. The Entrepreneur will work with the homeowners and business owners and the local community government to assure the vision and jobs are obtained.
Special Grants from Government and Foundations are needed to help the low income individuals benefit from the reduction of energy at the same time establish cash flows that will carry into the next decade. More news on the Green POD and the implementation with the first Green POD community will be shared in time when the jobs are created and the energy reduction devices are in place. Attitude will be important in the success of the Green POD program. Jobs@HelpingUSucceed.com
Expectations for implementation of this infrastructure energy project is late 2012 in order to not make it a political issue.
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