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Corporations and News Media that make profits from rating others as to whether you are worthy or not has raised its head and spit out fire. Perhaps this is a time to put these agencies, organizations and corporations back to where the fire eating dragons rest today. It shows that the control of any country is held by individuals that have leadership of the flow of money and plans for its relocation of wealth. Whether it is re-naming Communism to Demoncracy or setting up a Back to Green movement for Global Warming, America is feeling the heat and must take a strong position to continue to do what is right for the American people as well as for the rest of the world that receives the benefits of its fruits of Freedom.

As one who has met the leaders of the world, Freedom is most important to the world. You never want to let it go once you have tasted it.  How to suppress an individual or a country is the same .. CONTROL. Put lots of control on people or a country and they will heel and you can walk them anywhere. Give them a bad credit rating and they are yours. How can you stop this..? You can’t..! But what can be done is to set up an entirely new structure that goes right at the heart of the Credit Rating Corporations.

Remove the Credit Rating system for individuals, companies and countries and you will see where loans, projects and programs will stand on their own. The system original worthy purpose is now in the hands of those that will destroy the American economy and put it in chaos. One individual made the decision to lower a countries credit rating…now that is POWER. In Eastern Europe during the breakup of communism country note ratings were very low and control was put into countries in order to receive monies from the world banks and to get a better rating for their notes. This worked and they now can play on a even platform with the rest of the world. When you downgrade these ratings you can take them right back to being suppressed. No one should have that right for a free country and its people. America selected to play in the game and when you do, you play all the roles at one time or the other. Stop playing the game and look at the whole picture. Don’t play in the game..! Create a NEW Game. Stay turned….!

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