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After the breakup of Communism in the early 90’s, East West American Foundation had known that individuals suppressed for many years would need attitude adjustments to improve self-esteem and develop entrepreneurship with displaced youths and adults. To deliver “adequate” therapy to those needing it would require hundreds of thousands of trained therapists. The impact on the medical community resulted in spiraling increases in medical costs and years of exhausting efforts to improve individual attitudes, difficult to achieve, if impossible, not only in Eastern Europe but the World.

Introduction of the International Incubator “GREEN” Era Infrastructure projects are now allowing proven solutions not yet commercialized to be released in the 21st Century that will help companies and individuals in the changeover and modernization of the medical, transportation and various sectors.

The “First” Self Educated Attitude Training Sessions (SEATS) produced excitement and immediate results in releasing underlying attitudes of the individual’s basic mindset, including self-image and world views). The purpose of the sample SEATS was to show the ability to remove individuals negative or counterproductive attitudes, measure it and reformat it with positives, both quickly and appropriately. This was and is accomplished with amazement to all that have used the online internet SEATS program programmed by XGEM Technologies.

OPERATION XGEM, an infrastructure project for Hybrid Electric Vehicles and independent energy source has selected the process and has asked its facilities manager, SACS Consulting to include the SEATS program for potential employees. Expected results of everyone completing SEATS is to enable each individual to perform their job without the self belief “stops” that have been replaced with “go” positives. This will be known as the XGEM Experience.

It has taken 60 plus years to develop this technology that now puts the solutions at your fingertips that normally could take 2 to 7 years of intense one on one therapy. By eliminating stress by removing negative attitudes, counter-productivity and replacing it with positives opens up opportunities for corporations, employees, military personal when returning home, displaced youths and adults, and prisoners in need of a second chance. In addition, employment agencies, sales organizations and all others will benefit using this proven method.

This product may represents an opportunity for the Medical Insurance Industry to see how SEATS and its Internet delivery direct to individuals in the privacy of their home or the field. The completion of SEATS various products would help reduce medical insurance premiums based on the fact over 50% of all the illness that doctors see is emotionally induced illness…! It may be as important as a physical..! The Medical community endorsement most likely will come from the universities or individual medical experts willing to work with the future..

More can be said of this 21st Century event in the coming weeks as it all part of the infrastructure project and is being launch by the Marketing company worldwide. You can return here for more information or look to the NEWS headlines soon.

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