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Green Resource Homes Financial Trust (GRHFT) has secured international EuroBonds allocated for Real Estate and Securities in the United States while the Global Financial crisis continues. Eurobonds from A.C.E. are to be cleared and cashed for the first transfer of funds designated for deposit in US Banks and Brokerage Firms. Rates and terms have not been announced by the private sector for the financial transactions.

Trust Funds are earmarked for several infrastructure projects in North America. Commercial buildings will be purchased and leased back to companies participating in the infrastructure projects. Residential Real Estate with high energy expense will be purchased for new independent energy systems under a “GREEN POD” program. Clean Air Credits are to be securitized, warranted and sold in the global market.

Green Resource Homes is to service and manage the properties for the Trust.

Green Resource Homes Financial Trust is presently active in obtaining assets from Banks, individuals and companies that fit into its Business Plans and its activities. Interested parties may contact the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator by emailing to for information.

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