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Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator formerly the I&IGroup is activiting it status to assist in times of needs. The International Incubator has been a DealMaker since the middle Eighties with its involment in technology, banking and added value products and services.

Projects and technologies that otherwise would be financed in good times were put on hold due to the economical uncertainty. How these financial concerns were to be handled or controlled for current conditions to exist were unknown and not to the liking of the Private Financial Sector.

Democracy is the will of the people and to see it renamed what suppressed the people of Eastern Europe for 60 plus years must have a strong energy opposition by individuals to ensure Freedom and opportunity for all individuals. A lot of mistakes have been made from supported agendas with no visions for people to survive and prosper with only exceptions. Sharing the wealth in downsiding industries and economies and with the introduction of Social technology would have been playing the trump card. It is not too late for this to happen as you can read in several places on this site referencing Smart Media Technologies.

If one was to waive a magic wand perhaps a solution would be to have a Dealmaker put together all the political parties supported by the people that favor a Compromise Political Party that could give us an economy science to deal with the nature, production, distribution and consumption of wealth and protect our Freedoms and Constitutions. If you were to run under this ticket, your promise to the people would be to make it work on what is best for the people not for the party. Political Parties are like businesses they are cold. People are warm and make the difference.

John Galt had the answers with his Energy technology but chose to stay on the sidelines rather than have it be regulated or controlled what was his God given event. We need the John Galts of the world but with vision on how all would benefit not just a few. We see this in technology and with patented products and ideas today.

Welcome the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator for it to achieve a faction of its contributions by assisting the Entrepreneurs of the world see their visions be reality. As quoted, “There is no such thing as failure, only a lack of courage or believe to go the distance”.

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