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The Private Sector “Hybrid GREEN” Infrastructure projects will lead to creation of needed new jobs for America. It is estimated jobs are to be created without government financial assistance or tax payers money. Assistance from Government will come from normal tax credits for new jobs, job training programs and Stimulus funds for Small Businesses. Jobs will be in the Energy, Automobile, Transportation, Manufacturing and Residential/Commercial sectors.

Estimated jobs are as follows:

GreenSmartMedia jobs 1,000,000 with FREE Lifetime Memberships by 2013

Independent Energy Source System 50,000 jobs by 2013

Micro-Generators/Electricial Devices 90,000 jobs by 2014

Retrofitting and Assembly 45,000 jobs by 2014 ( WWW.XGEM.NET )

Environmental Vehicles 43,000 jobs by 2014

Small Business (Installations/Distribution) 97,000 jobs by 2014

Hybrid Trains / Trams 100,000 jobs by 2015

As it is important to have funding in place first before starting an infrastructure project to insure the project can go the distance, it is important that new 21st Century Technology called the “X-Factor” works to its fullest potential and allows commercialization to meet its expectations without intervention. Many strategic alliances such as Universities using its students and new small businesses will be asked to assist in the infrastructure project for the changeover and relocation of the various industry sectors as implementation of a new acceptable Energy Policy unfolds in America in 2013 – 2014.

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