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Preparations for creating thousand of jobs is now underway just by using your own branding social network. You can get a head start at home or at work before everyone is aware of this major changes to the Internet and you hear it from someone else. The large national marketing company assigned to creating the ADS for the new jobs offered by the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator will be test marketing various parts of the job creation ADS in various areas. If you would like to be one of the test areas, please reply to

The jobs are related to the Internet to where everyone that is a Free Member for life will get paid. The International Incubator will sponsor individuals to be paid representatives in order to receive up to 7 income streams with the right to update to 16 income streams. Income comes from advertising with up to 75% of the advertising revenue being disbursed to its Free Members and its paid representatives in the form of Smart Points, prizes and cash. If one is not working or not making enough money then this program is for you. It is all about giving this away for Free and to grow the economy by adding the right resources. Economies grow when Small Businesses advertise with their branded products and services at a fair price.

You can see a sample of what this is all about by going to and get your FREE Membership first and then decide what is best for you. There is nothing like it on the Internet today. Come back for more news or where the first jobs will be created if not from your own home.

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