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April 3, 2013: LITO Technologies Inc. of  Canton, OH in conjunction with RL Associates Inc. (Yardley, PA) and XGEM Inc. (Canton, OH), have successfully tested a prototype device to allow users to image scenes clearly through most types of environmental obscurants including Fog, Snow, Haze, Rain and Hail.  The device, known as the LITO Pod system, also enables firefighters and other first responders to see through fire, smoke, and other fire scene conditions such as water spray and haze.  The initial prototype has been funded through Small Business Innovative Research Grants from NASA and the US Navy.  Visibility testing through environmental obscurants was conducted at the Army’s Precision Armaments Laboratory in northern NJ.   Additional testing for visibility through fire and smoke was conducted at Londonderry Greenhouses in Cochranville, PA. and at the West Chester Fire Training Center in West Chester, PA.  The results are a set of video clips that show the LITO Pod systems capability to clearly image through all of these types of degraded visual environments.  Images from those videos are shown below. The simultaneous frames in both sets of pictures show an image clearly visible through the fog and behind the fire when seen with the LITO device.   The LITO Pod system is an actively illuminated eye safe Short Wave IR imaging system that is currently being developed for perimeter security applications.   An initial installation in Northeast Ohio is currently under negotiation and could take place as early as this spring.  The purpose of this system is to detect and characterize intrusions at a specific perimeter and alert the proper authorities.

Recently, CNN reported the largest ever Diamond Heist at the Brussels airport.  Intruders entered the airport perimeter by cutting through chain link fences and driving two vehicles through the opening, held-up the airplane at gunpoint, stole $50 millions in diamonds from the hold and then left through the same entry point without being detected. There have also been several recent reports of terrorists who are trained to stay behind fire or in smoke to avoid being detected by drone aircraft or other types of surveillance systems.

Dr.  Richard Billmers, Chief Technology Officer of RL Associates believes that the Brussels Airport heist may have been avoided using the LITO Technologies Inc. Laser Pod Perimeter Security System.  “Authorities would have known the perimeter was being compromised.   Using the invisible laser camera system, pictures would have been taken and image recognition would have been performed.  The results would have triggered an alarm at a central control station and the image results would have been reported to first responders within seconds.” Dr. Billmers also believes that: “The capability of the Laser Pod System (LITO) to image thru smoke, fire and any degraded weather conditions is of great use for airports, borders, fields, pipelines, waterways, towers, railways and other strategic high risk locations.”

Mr. Robert Foraker, a Private Merchant Banker and Collaborator for Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator see the advantages of the Laser system for economic growth and added value products made here in America. Foraker’s efforts related to the introduction of this Laser Pod Perimeter Security System by placing it in an Ohio Airport or an XGEM Scientific or Technology Park where other LITO and XGEM technologies will be commercialized to provide solutions and a stimulus for the economies. He reports that it is planned to produce LITO Security Kits for ease of implementation and installation as the product expands in demand.

The Laser Pod Perimeter Security Systems are offered under a maintenance and service agreement for ease of decision making and affordability with special and flexible terms.  Each installation has the ability to be integrated with security systems installed and/or customized to meet the physical changes and perimeter dimensions for the LITO Pod to operate at a distance through degrading weather condition.

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