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The Informative and Interactive News has it that Green Resource Homes Inc is initiating an infrastructure project to fill a void in housing as a result of the suppressed housing for new homes as a result of the Banking reserve requirements over the past years.

Historical information and current research is showing that a great growth period is about to take place with the implementation of transportation infrastructure changes which Real Estate Development is a natural to move people during the day to new outer areas and allow for freight movement at night.

Green Resource Homes Inc will team up with Developers and will exclusively work with Coldwell Banker in creating Green PODs in the United States.

Green Affordable Smart Homes will be from 900 sq ft to 2500 sq ft with basements. These homes are resistant to bugs and pests and are able to withstand tornados and hurricanes winds and can last a 1000 years. As a smart home they will fill all the needs of the designated age group of the next round of home owners.

Green Luxury Smart Homes will be homes priced above $500,000 that have everything the generation needs. These Green Luxury Smart Homes will have the appeal of all those whose career has lead them to be the owner.

Advantages of the Green Affordable Smart Home and the Green Luxury Smart Home goes beyond what is currently available on the market from clear air, clean water, alternative energy with storage with warmth and coolness one will want.

Details and types of homes are shown as of this point in time at Green Resource Homes Inc. Plans for the first Green PODs developments and the number of location around the USA will come with the collaboration with Developers and economic development agencies as well as in synch with the the transportation section.

Word is that the number is over 100,000 new homes with the Open Sector being the source of funds for Development.

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