Green Fuel Sources

Independent Energy Systems using Micro-generators and Capacitors will play an important part in the new Energy Policies starting in 2011. With the mandate to reduce the dependence on oil from “the left brain” to the mandate to increase oil production from “the right brain” …, it does leave the people confused. Old versus new…! It is like a Monkey swinging on a vine and afraid to let go to grab the other vine.

The visionaries and the knowledge people that have waited during the changeover process, now look at this point in time more than any other time in history to ACT and bring the world to the 21st Century as it cries out for assistance from the human race. It is mandated everyone will participate.

Solar, Wind, and Water will form Energy sources for “Added Value” Green Resource Fuel Systems. New products and concepts testing old formulas and nature laws will appear and will be packaged with other Green Resource products such as the Hybrid Electric Vehicle ( WWW.XGEM.NET ). With new Green Resource Fuel Systems not all as  electric plug-ins, economic growth, jobs and the modernization of the world and its mindset, takes its place in time.

The American Renaissance Era rebirth as an Energy Re-modernization Era will revive America to health and vigor not seen since the 14th, 15th and 16th century, beginning in 2011-2015. The visionaries have lined up the right resources to bring about the changeover while the Social decade is implemented.