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Informational International News has it that two consortium’s have signed a Master Collaboration Agreement for Research, Development and Implementation for new above the ground Air Trams for moving people freely to various end points using existing rail, new highway developments or the modernization of existing roadways. The collaboration will allow the American 3Cs program to work (Companies or Countries Collaborating for Commerce). This program creates jobs, economic growth, real estate development, tourism and allows for the next generation of technologies to be implemented.

This bit of news, if true, will result in modernization of America and create economic growth in areas waiting for this program to materialize and fortunate to have this potential opportunity. The word is that it will be a coast to coast event both in the north and in the south with initial work being done in Northeast Ohio because of manufacturing availability and to prove the various models and technologies benefits.

It is reported that Hammond Aqualife and Transplaza are part of this Master Collaboration Agreement represented by multiple countries and companies with the Associated Countries in Technologies International Incubator d.b.a. XGEM, Inc. as the Collaborator.

Hammond Aqualife is known for its world famous Aquariums integrated with a water park. The special Dome standing over 85 feet high and its planned special LED lighting will show like a beacon in the universe. This is the first of its kind for the Western Hemisphere. The first one planned in America is to be in Ohio. Additional states are requesting this type of Aquarium and Water Park along with the Air Tram to be built in their state for economic growth and modernization of its transportation infrastructures for increased tourism.

Transplaza with its world class designs and patented technologies and expertise will allow for its Air Tram that they call AeroTram to use existing rail as well as new above the ground structures for middle or sides of highways making implementation easier and estimated, allegedly, at a cost of one eight of what it normally would be conventionally.

The Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator will be using financial models that will result in debt free companies with private capital and various guarantees. The Associated Countries in Technology will be utilizing various existing collaboration agreements to assure capital and business plans are followed. The Woodhaven Group of Augusta GA will be structuring the transactions that will deal with the land assets and the capital from the investors.

Three locations have been heard to be picked for both the Aquarium and AeroTram to be built. The Ohio site has one site to be announced and several other end points for the AeroTram that will involve all of Northeast Ohio (NEO). A Collaboration agreement is planned for 18 counties and there Chamber of Commences in NEO to get behind these projects and its technologies for delivery to Ohio and other states. This will be the first of its kind that will cause a whole section of a state to move together for its economic growth with the private sector. Regional Agencies of the government will also be asked to participate with their own collaboration agreement.

Exciting times are ahead. Stay tuned to this site for more news as it is coming fast.


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