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Monday, June 29th, 2015 | Author:

Rancho Cordova, CA, July 1, 2015 ( NEWSWIRE) – INFORMATIONAL INTERNATIONAL NEWS has received a report from Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc d.b.a. Green Resource Homes that it is announcing it has signed a collaboration agreement with GreenWheel Gardens Urban Farms, Inc. growers of ‘Simply Better Than Organic Produce’, that will launch three new Urban Grow Centers (UGCs). These new facilities will be the first UGCs being built across the nation and our companies efforts to bring simply better than organic produce to people across the nation. Starting with the GWG Demonstration Farm in Rancho Cordova, an incorporated city just outside of Sacramento CA, then building in Canton Ohio as a demonstration of humanitarian efforts and a third site as technology demonstration near the grounds of the NASA Glenn Research Center.

In 1975 NASA scientist worked at developing a rotary plant growth accelerating apparatus with the idea to increase plant yields and increase the plant yield. GreenWheel Gardens has now created a system that will take that concept and with their designs change the basic architecture of agriculture forever. Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator, Inc dba Green Resource Homes and GreenWheel Gardens Urban Farms are collaborating on a Humanitarian Project that will result in “Better than Organic” products that uses little water, is chemical and pesticide free and will provide simply better than organic produce year round food, all locally. With its first demonstration farms in California and Ohio, which will be used to demonstrate, record, and provide information, it will prove that starting with green leafy produce GWG will not only be profitable but become the Humanitarian Project destined to help feed the world in this time of environmental problems that include climate change, water issues, food quality and shortage.

Robert Foraker, CEO for the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc, a 30+ year old company states, ” GreenWheel Gardens is a perfect fit to show how NASA technologies has proven its worth to the world with its Research and Development for the Aerospace sector and now with GWG to use this knowledge for Urban Farming here on earth which may have been its destiny from the beginning”. He goes on to say that “I see this collaboration a winner from NASA, the United States, and all of Humanity.”

GreenWheel Gardens Urban Farms is a Nevada corporation is a controlled environment farm using proprietary agriculture based technology to grow pesticide and chemical free produce and creating urban grow centers across the nation sustainably, and profitably. The Company is also expanding its nationwide presence through its collaboration with Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator company.

Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator has been responsible for creating various infrastructure projects to solve problems and create opportunities including the XGEM project, GreenResourceHomes, LITO Technologies, 3D Holographic Medical Imaging, and more…